Course Catalog

Course_icon Biology101   Lock16
Instructor: ali kamran
Note: This course requires enrollment
Last Updated: Fri, Dec 02 2016
This is a small course of biology for Olevel students, the main emphasis of this course will be on cell structure and organistaions.
Course_icon Luella Third Grade Project Based Learning   Lock16
Instructor: Nicole Youmans
Note: This course requires enrollment
Last Updated: Thu, Dec 01 2016
This course will go through soils, rocks, minerals, habitats, and heat.
Course_icon Plant Nutrition   Lock16
Instructor: Zaira
Note: This course requires enrollment
Last Updated: Thu, Dec 01 2016
The subject is biology and the unit we will cover in this course is plant nutrition
Course_icon Spanish 2H   Lock16
Instructor: Sara Gilliland
Note: This course requires enrollment
Last Updated: Wed, Nov 30 2016
Honors Spanish class - Level 2
Course_icon Social Inequility   Lock16
Instructor: Hadiqa Rehman
Note: This course requires enrollment
Last Updated: Sun, Nov 27 2016
We will explore how social inequality has stratified in all parts of the world. What are the main features of social inequality and how these are created? How these features contribute for social inequality?
Course_icon Four Legged Friends   Lock16
Instructor: Laura Brass
Note: This course requires enrollment
Last Updated: Fri, Nov 18 2016
In this course, you will: - learn about animals; - listen and watch animal-related material; - write in pairs/ groups; - create your digital story; - provide feedback to your peers
Course_icon LA 2016-2017 Booktalks   Lock16
Instructor: Tami McDaniel
Note: This course requires enrollment
Last Updated: Tue, Nov 15 2016
Booktalks for Sipple and Smeed 2016-2017
Course_icon Le français 8a   Lock16
Instructor: Jodi McKinnon
Note: This course requires enrollment
Last Updated: Tue, Nov 08 2016
This is an introductory French class (part II)
Course_icon Ranger Technology   Lock16
Instructor: JT
Note: This course requires enrollment
Last Updated: Tue, Oct 25 2016
Students in robotics class will prepare their parents for competition
Course_icon Parenting with Love & Logic   Lock16
Instructor: Diana Koop
Note: This course requires enrollment
Last Updated: Tue, Oct 25 2016
Frustrated as a parent? Wish you could raise your children without raising your voice? Parenting with LOVE & LOGIC is a great tool to help you! Beginning the week of January 9, 2017, we will work our way through Love & Logic together, discussing ideas, practicing, and holding each other accountable. All of this can be done on your phone or device, at your leisure. The class will last 12 weeks, ending the final week of March.

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