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Course_icon Stroop Troop Insect Reports March 2017   Lock16
Instructor: Teresa Stroop
Note: This course requires enrollment
Last Updated: Tue, Mar 14 2017
Each student will read a book about a specific insect, write a report , draw a picture, and make a 30 Hands presentation about the insect.
Course_icon Geologic Structure Project   Lock16
Instructor: Mrs. Hageman
Note: This course requires enrollment
Last Updated: Thu, Mar 09 2017
Students will share their projects.
Course_icon Lanuage arts   Lock16
Instructor: Jalen Forbes
Note: This course requires enrollment
Last Updated: Mon, Mar 06 2017
Learning how to read write and spell
Course_icon ELAR / Math  
Instructor: Shannon West
Last Updated: Mon, Feb 06 2017
Course_icon Mrs. McRae's Writing   Lock16
Instructor: Carol McRae
Note: This course requires enrollment
Last Updated: Sat, Feb 04 2017
6th grade writing class.
Course_icon Biography in Action   Lock16
Instructor: Carly Moats
Note: This course requires enrollment
Last Updated: Sun, Jan 29 2017
Course_icon Shona Greetings   Lock16
Instructor: Godwin Chireka
Note: This course requires enrollment
Last Updated: Wed, Jan 18 2017
Basic knowledge of Shona Vowels
Course_icon Shona Relationships  
Instructor: Godwin Chireka
Last Updated: Fri, Jan 13 2017
This is an introductory course on Shona relationships.The Shonas place a lot of value in the extended family and relationships are a critical part of their way of life.Enjoy
Course_icon True story   Lock16
Instructor: Stephanie Smith
Note: This course requires enrollment
Last Updated: Wed, Jan 11 2017
Practice writing skills
Course_icon Techno Expo Project   Lock16
Instructor: Dana Chandler
Note: This course requires enrollment
Last Updated: Tue, Jan 10 2017
Techno Expo Project - Animal Interviews

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