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Course_icon Robotics WeDo   Lock16
Instructor: Maria Demesa
Note: This course requires enrollment
Last Updated: Mon, Nov 06 2017
Teach robotics and programming to students in 2 to 5th grades
Course_icon Computer Literacy - Solano - 1718   Lock16
Instructor: Jasmine Solano
Note: This course requires enrollment
Last Updated: Mon, Nov 06 2017
Students will use this in their EFA to learn better ways of expressing themselves.
Course_icon W Geo 2017-2018  
Instructor: Gina Dickey
Last Updated: Fri, Oct 13 2017
W Geo
Course_icon Español   Lock16
Instructor: Maria Guzman
Note: This course requires enrollment
Last Updated: Sun, Oct 08 2017
Esta es una prueba. Nos concentraremos en la adquisición de vocabulario.
Course_icon Unit 1 Exam   Lock16
Instructor: Monica Burke
Note: This course requires enrollment
Last Updated: Thu, Sep 28 2017
Unit 1 exam - Mrs. Burke's 6th Grade World Cultures
Course_icon Summer School #1   Lock16
Instructor: Ms. Tina Vannatter
Note: This course requires enrollment
Last Updated: Fri, Jun 16 2017
1st & 2nd Graders
Course_icon Next Year Samples   Lock16
Instructor: Kalen Rabern
Note: This course requires enrollment
Last Updated: Wed, May 31 2017
Trial Class
30_think_create_greensquare_thumb 30hands Getting Started Course & Help Site  
Last Updated: Fri, May 12 2017
Hi! Welcome to 30hands Getting Started course. This is the 30hands Help Site. We built this to help you get familiar with 30hands. In this workshop, we will walk you through the "need to know" basics to create a 30hands course and introduce you tips and tricks that make the process easy and fun. The modules on the right include lots of information, videos and FAQs to assist you in getting to know 30hands products and web sites. - 30hands Team
Course_icon 2nd ELA  
Instructor: Angela Acevedo
Last Updated: Mon, Apr 24 2017
Second ELA
Course_icon test Customer Journey to Purchase   Lock16
Instructor: Tim Stansky
Note: This course requires enrollment
Last Updated: Fri, Apr 21 2017

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Courses in the community site are free! They are more than just a container or web site. They are eClassrooms modeled after the physical classroom. Everything a teacher needs is easily included and, more importantly, easily modified. Don't worry about getting everything set up perfectly right away, because you can always make changes very easily. 

As an eClassroom, courses are a powerful way to easily organize digital content, web applications, web sites, links to videos and files of all types. All content is presented within the eClassroom instead of launching students all over the Internet. This applies to your favorite web apps, like Socrative, Brain Pop, Spelling City or anything else out there.

In addition to content, use the eClassroom to collaborate with your students and make your assignment process much easier. 

Getting Starting is Easy as 1-2-3:
1. Create a Course
2. Create Modules to Organize
3. Create Content for the Modules:
  • Pages are multimedia
  • Links to videos auto-embed
  • Links to web sites auto-embed
  • Links to web apps auto-embed
  • 30hands presentations publish from app
  • Uploaded Videos stream on any device

Once the course is set up, keep going with more...

4. Course Timeline like a private Facebook
5. Course Blog is for student writing
6. Presentations are powerful:
  • Teachers can use to Flip Classroom
  • They can be Videos, KeyNotes, PDFs
  • They can be PPTs, Word, Excel
  • They stream and swipe
  • Students can show what they know
  • Students edit them to share in course
  • All types supported on all devices
7. Study Groups are like mini courses:
  • Timeline, pages, presentations, wiki
8. Assignments are collaborative and time-savers:
  • They can be multimedia with video
  • They can be embedded from Google Docs
  • They can be embedded from Portal
  • They appear on the Calendar
  • Student hand-ins go into teacher dropbox
  • Teacher queues make reviews & grading easier
  • Teacher can send student feedback immediately
  • Students can hand-in multiple times
  • Students can see their work, reviews, grades any time
Private school and district sites are available with additional classroom functionality, administrative functionality and reporting. Contact us for more information at or by calling 781-982-9555.