30hands Workshops

Optimize Your Usage of Technology in the Classroom with 30hands Workshops

Blended learning with technology can have great value in the classroom, but if you and your staff are not prepared, you many not know where to begin or how to best implement it.

30hands offers professional development workshops that immerse Teachers in hands-on project-based sessions where they learn by doing and help Technology Directors and Administrators plan for technology.

Teams practice developing curriculum that is mapped to standards and competencies while using technology.

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Teacher Workshop

Project Based Learning using Technology
Projects help engage students better and make learning competencies more relevant to the real world. In this workshop, teachers cultivate project ideas, break into teams and work on a project that aligns to standards. We show you how to use technology at each step of the process (apps, laptops, tablets, phones). At the end of the workshop, the teams present. 

Teacher Workshop

Flipping the Classroom for Better Learning

Studies show that learning can improve by 50% when flipping the classroom. In this workshop, we review the original concept of flipping the classroom using audio-video based presentations that students review at home and then come to class for hands-on homework or project work. Next, we create flipped presentations using Presio for Windows or 30hands Mobile for iPads (if you already use another app for AV presentations, you can use that, too). After creating video lessons, we upload them to the web and present them to the class.

Teacher Workshop

Using an LMS for Collaborative Learning in the Classroom

In this workshop, we start with a review of the components of an LMS and collaborative learning and discuss the value of different uses (digital content delivery, digital assignment processes, teamwork, integration of teacher-created and student-created content, web pages, Google Docs, etc.). Next, participants select an area of their curriculum to model and then build it with an alignment to standards or competencies. Finally, each teacher or team presents to the class. 

Teacher Workshop

Digital Storytelling in the Classroom

Plato was wise when he said, “Those who tell stories rule society.” In this workshop, we review the elements of a good story. Teachers will create digital stories using 30hands Mobile or their app of choice. We start by cultivating ideas online. During the workshop, we continue by creating a script or storyboard, creating the story or presentation in the app, previewing and editing the story and finally, presenting the final product.

Leadership Workshop

Strategies for Implementing Classroom Technology

In this workshop, we start with a review of the homework that relates to effective use of classroom technology, its value and how it can be implemented. Next, each participant defines his or her goals for implementing and utilizing classroom technology, which leads to prioritization and the collective agreement of which goals are most important. Finally, we discuss implementation approaches, such as piloting and rolling out a subset of functionality. Note: including both administrators and teachers in this workshop can be an effective approach.