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Is 30hands FERPA, COPPA & CIPA Compliant?  

At 30hands Learning, we believe in student safety and privacy. Yes, we believe in teacher safety and privacy, too!

We design and review our software to make sure we are compliant with statutes and guildelines, such as FERPA, COPPA and CIPA.

It's important to note that some of that compliance depends on how educators use the software and what sort of consent they get from parents and school. Privacy settings are at the control of teachers and students, depending on the type of data. It is up to the school and teachers to determine what information is kept private and what is made public.

We do not collect data for any purposes other than to maintain functionality of the system, to allow educators and students to use it effectively, and to improve the performance and functionality of the systems. 

We do not release data to 3rd parties. 

Within our web application (30hands Cloud), we do not include or restrict information. It is up to the teachers and schools to determine what goes into the Learning Management System.

Within our mobile application, we include an image search function that is based on Google's safe search. We have found that there are some "holes" in what Google provides and attempt to block or refine those search terms. If you stay on the latest release of the 30hands mobile app, you will always have the latest search updates and fixes. 

We provide forms for COPPA compliance that you can use, or you can use your own forms. See the following link:


Home / 30hands Getting Started Course & Help Site / Is 30hands FERPA, COPPA & CIPA Compliant?

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