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Can I import existing data?  

30hands allows you to import existing data into our system, using standard CSV files.  


user_id (required)
A unique identifier used to reference users our database.  This identifier must not change for the user, and must be globally unique.  This is typically the globally unique SIS id for the student. 

user_name (required) 
The name that a user will use to log in to iPresent Online (although users may also log in with their email address too).  This is typically the front part of a user's email address and must be globally unique.  Username will also be used to identify a user's profile page (/members/username).  The user_name must be a single word (4-20 characters), no spaces and only alpha-numeric characters.
first_name (required) 
First name of the user.

last_name (required)
Last name of the user.

email (not required for students)
The email address of the user.

password (optional)
If you'd like to have the system generate a password for each user, then leave this field blank.  Also, if you will be using an separate authentication provider such as your own LDAP server or a custom SSO solution, then leave password blank, as passwords will be stored with the provider.

Home / 30hands Getting Started Course & Help Site / Can I import existing data?

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