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Creating Users and Enrolling them in Courses & Groups  

This page includes questions and answers related to creating users and enrolling them into courses and groups. 
Groups are like mini courses and can only be created within a courses. Group content is only accessible by the group members and the course teacher.

The order of setting up 30hands Cloud users on a site and in courses and groups should be
  1. User Registers
  2. User Joins the Course (enrolls)
  3. User Joins a Group (enrolls)
How to Set Up a User—required fields, set password
The best and easiest way to set up users is for them to self-register. They will need to complete registration by clicking on a link in an email sent when they register.
The 2nd best way to set up users is to invite them through the Users area by entering email addresses, separated by commas. They will receive an email with a link to complete registration.
Other ways to create users are 1) Create them manually, which requires filling in more information and letting them know what to do, which is more time-consuimg and more error-prone. 2) Importing a list of users from a CSV file.
What Can a User Do With the User Profile?
In addition to a photo and brief bio and contact info, the user profile holds all the things a user creates. 
If a user bookmarks pages or creates personal notes, they are accessible here.
If a user takes a survey like the self-assessment, the responses will appear here.
Pages and presentations created will also appear here.
The user can feature items from the profile, too. 

What Sort of User Maintenance is Required?
Not much user maintenance is required. An occasional password reset may be needed, but the user can go to the home page and click the login screen where there is a self-service option for resetting the password. It is the easiest way to do this. A teacher or admin can also send password resets to a user via email.
How to Enroll a User in a Course
The best way to enroll a user in a course is to have him or her use the course code and click the Join a Course link from the courses pulldown menu.
Alternatively, a teacher can enroll users into a course he/she teachers from the course roster.
How to Set Up a Group
Groups can be created by the organization or by the users themselves. 
When creating a group, the group code can be changed to be more user friendly.
How to Enroll Users in a Group
There are 3 ways for a user to get into a group.
- Once enrolled in the course, the user can click on the name of the group and enter the Group Code.
- At the same screen as above, the user can request entry into the group, which will send an email request to the Group Admin.
- The group manager can invite users who are enrolled in the course by clicking on the Group Links pulldown and Invite Users then typing in a name. The field uses a name lookup to those enrolled in the course.
How to Enroll a Teacher
Teachers are created the same way as standard users (students). Teachers can create courses and edit the content within a course where they are a teacher.
What Can a Teacher Do in a Course?
A teacher is a powerful role in the site. In general, those who create and edit the courses should be teachers and no one else.
A teacher can do everything in a course, including editing and deleting materials, adding new modules, moving things around in modules, deleting modules, deleting the course itself, etc. 
How Would a Teacher Work With a Cohort of Peers?
A "teacher" of a cohort may act as the facilitator. This person should still be set up as a standard user, not as a teacher. As the group leader, he or she should be a Group Admin, which allows him/her to manage the group home page, the group code and the group members. All group members can create pages, presentations, wiki pages and timeline discussions within the group.

How Do We Treat a Course Facilitator?
A facilitator would be similar to what is described above as a "cohort teacher". Similarly, this person would not need to be a teacher unless he/she needs to manage content in the course.
What are Default Expiration Dates?
A course may or may not use expiration dates. That is determined by the teacher who sets up the course. When a user enrolls in the course where the expiration date is is turned on, it is set for 1 year from the enrollment date.
How to Reset Expiration Dates
A teacher or admin can update the enrollment date in the Course Roster.

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