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Student Collaboration with 30hands Storyteller  

30hands Storyteller was designed to stimulate student creativity and to allow students to use Iterative Creativitytm to learn more through review, reflection and revision. This iterative process helps students to learn more about what they are working on and to learn how to improve the quality of their end products.

There are many ways in which students can work together on 30hands projects. Below are 2 examples.

In-Class Team Project Sharing an iPad

When working in a single class session, we have had students work on a single iPad together. They discuss their ideas, create a script, identify pictures to find, drawings to create and photos to take. They define roles for each team member to write, assemble/gather, draw, edit, narrate, review, revise, etc. This can work very well.

Students can work independently on slides and then use the Share-a-Slide function to transfer the slide image with narration as a video clip to a teammate designated as the Story Assembler (feature is available in 30hands Pro only, version 1.11 and later).

Team Project Using Multiple iPads

When working on longer term projects, it is still important for them to plan, share tasks and coordinate how they will work together. You might try something like the following workflow:

1) Teams meet to discuss the overall project and plan it out together. This should include creating something like a script or storyboard that defines how the pieces will fit together.

2) Each teammate creates a 30hands presentation on his/her iPad for his/her section.

3) Each teammate reviews and revises his/her section iteratively to focus on improving the quality and incorporating creative components that better engage the audience. The revision process should also include making sure each section is not too long and that the messages are clear.

4) Then, the teacher or the students can create a list of the order the teammates should put together the combined presentation.

30hands Free allows exporting projects to the 30hands Cloud site. 30hands Pro allows exporting projects to Dropbox and Google Drive as well (which can be in specific folders, by team, for example). 

5) Student 1 exports his/her project for Student 2 to import to his/her iPad. 

6) Student 2 imports the project and adds his/her slides (images, photos, drawings) to the project. 

Tip: If a slide image is not in the camera roll, you can save a copy there by clicking the pencil on paper icon to annotate it, then clicking "Save".

7) Student 2 re-records his/her narration on the combined project slides. 

8) Student 2 exports his/her project for Student 3.

9) When all students have completed their parts, they should meet to review the overall project, discuss it and make revisions as needed.

10) When final, the last student can export the project for all students to have access to the final version.

11) The students publish the final copy as a video for sharing. 30hands Free can publish to the camera roll or 30hands Cloud. 30hands Pro can publish to Dropbox and Google Drive as well. Final videos are standard MP4 videos that can be shared anywhere.


Home / 30hands Getting Started Course & Help Site / Student Collaboration with 30hands Storyteller

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