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1. Welcome to 30hands!  

Welcome to the 30hands Learning Community! We believe in the power of getting students to think, create, collaborate and self-initiate learning. Now that you are registered with 30hands, you are ready to easily create great digital stories and presentations and you are on your way to collaborative learning and sharing in a blended e-classroom. We will provide some tips and ideas for getting the most out of 30hands Mobile and 30hands Cloud. In the Fall, we will begin providing some lesson ideas to try out in class.
30hands Mobile and 21st Century Learning
There are many ways to use 30hands Mobile Free and 30hands Mobile Pro with students to get them hands-on with learning. Don't just make it a Project, but make it Project-Based Learning. The difference is huge and helps your students to better master 21st Century skills, including
  • Iterative creativity
  • Self-directed learning
  • Teamwork
  • Problem-solving
  • Self-evaluation and improvement
  • Focus on details and quality
Iterative Creativity
When your students create a digital story or presentation, have them review their work individually and in groups. Then, have them create iterations. This teaches your students that a first draft is just that -- a draft. They will get even more out of the learning experience by reviewing it (analysis), discussing how it can be improved (evaluating) and creating another version (iterative creation).

Here are some things you can have the students evaluate:
  1. Is the story or presentation too long?
  2. Is my voice monotone or does my intonation change?
  3. Do I use character voices where appropriate?
  4. Can I improve the quality of some of the photos?
  5. Would another image be better?
  6. Are the slides in the right order?
  7. Could I include more slides to better connect the story?
  8. Do I have too many slides?
To respond to the questions above, have the students do the following:
  1. Re-record slides that are too long
  2. Re-record slides where intonation can be improved
  3. Record character voices to make the story or presentation more interesting
  4. Replace a photo by touching a slide, clicking Replace Image and Take Picture
  5. Replace an image by touching a slide, clicking Replace Image and From Camera Roll (after a new image has been saved to the camera roll)
  6. Hold the slides until they wiggle to rearrange their order
  7. Add new slides by clicking the Camera icon from the desktop
  8. Touch a slide and click Delete Slide to remove it.
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Looking for Ideas?
Click here to get more ideas for using 30hands Mobile with Students.
Click here to get more ideas for using 30hands Mobile as a Teacher.
A slide from theDuck Adventure Story. Click the record button to add audio narration and bring the story to life, then publish it to the camera roll or to 30hands.
30hands Mobile desktop showing slides for GoogleApps presentation.
Click on the following to connect with us:
We would like to know your thoughts on how you currently use technology or what you are interested in exploring, so we can help you and your colleagues succeed with Blended Learning, Project-based Learning, Flipping the Classroom and Digital Storytelling.

If you have time, please send us a note with your success stories. 

Home / 30hands Getting Started Course & Help Site / 1. Welcome to 30hands!

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Person24 Caroline Cumberworth on August 05, 2014 @ 02:43 PM

Why does my recording not record. After pushing the record button and stopping the recording, it says no audio and shows no recording? Help please.

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