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How to Create a Lesson Using 30hands Storyteller  

Overview of the 30hands Storyteller Paradigm

30hands Storyteller is a great tool for creating lessons for students. It is easy to use, versatile and free. It works on an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, although the iPad gives you the most screen real estate to work with. The main premise is to create slides made from PowerPoint pages, images, photos or drawings and then add audio narration and annotation on top of the slides.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of using 30hands Storyteller is that you do not need to do everything in a single take. After creating your initial presentation with audio, you can preview your work and edit it slide by slide. Keep the audio that you like and only re-record what you do not like. If some of the audio is clumsy or too long, you can identify it and redo it quickly and easily.

How to Design Your Work Environment

Due to the versatility of 30hands Storyteller and the fact that you do not need a single recording take, you can create lessons in multiple locations and with great flexibility. You may want to have several lessons in progress at the same time. Then, record them all at once when you are ready and in a quiet location. In the process section below, the first half can be done just about anywhere.

Typical Creation Process for a Lesson

Lesson Prep and Slide Creation

(This can be done virtually anywhere. Have device, will travel!)

  1. Write a script for your lesson. I like to use MS Word, GoogleDocs or sometimes a 30hands Page.

  2. Organize your script into numbered "slides". If you are going to use a PowerPoint or other presentation, this should be pretty easy. Don't worry if you aren't 100% certain about the slide organization; you can always change this later. That's the beauty of this method!

  3. If you don't already have presentation slides to go by, you may want to write down an idea for an image with each slide step.

  4. Do a rough review and rework of your script.

  5. Organize your slide images. We recommend putting them into an Album in your Camera Roll. If you are using PowerPoint, you can save the PPT as pictures/images and use Dropbox to get them to your device. If you are searching the Internet for images, you can save them and then add them to an Album.

  6. In the 30hands Mobile app, create a presentation and add the slide images.

  7. Arrange the images in the order you want by dragging them around, then clicking "Done". Notice that the images are numbered, so you can match them up to your script.

Audio Recording and Editing

(This is best done somewhere quiet where you will not be disturbed: in a classroom, in a quiet spot at home, etc.)

  1. Record the audio, but don't worry about being perfect. You can re-edit later. Click on the big Record button on the desktop or touch a slide to record each individually. While viewing the slides, you can swipe to the next. Each slide has a Record button.

  2. Preview the audio narration. You can do this from start to finish by touching the play button on the desktop, or you can preview each individual slide by touching the play button when viewing the slide.

  3. Check the overall duration of the presentation on the desktop. In most cases, you will want to shorten the recording, because first takes are almost always too long. Even if it is only a 1 minutes presentation, you will usually improve it by condensing it.

  4. Make notes within your script about changes you want to make.

  5. Re-Record the slides that seem to need it the most.

  6. Preview the presentation again.

  7. Decide if you need to add slides, remove slides, rearrange slides, annotate slides or modify the audio narration.

  8. Make the changes you have decided on.

  9. Preview again.

Publish the presentation to Google Drive, Dropbox, the Camera Roll or to 30hands Cloud.


  • Create your slides in Google Slides and then import them into a new 30hands presentation by adding from Google Drive and selecting the Slides presentation (30hands Pro or in-app purchase)
  • Create your slides in PowerPoint of KeyNotes and save it as a PDF to Google Drive or Dropbox, then import them as with Google Slides
  • Use short videos (<20 seconds) as slides to enhance a presentation (30hands Pro or in-app purchase)
  • Copy slides (touch command on a slide) and draw on the copies as a progression to show animation in the final video

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