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The 30hands Courese navigation is simple and always available. Here's how it works.

Coures Navigator
The course navigator is on the right side of the course. It is always there, even when your students are reading pages or watching embedded videos. This way, the students can keep track of the context of what they are learning, where it fits in the course structure and what comes next.

The TOP of the navigator contains 4 links that are frequently used.
  1. Course Home. This is a rich text or multimedia page with important information for the students. It can describe the course and its goals, provide an introductory or rotating learning video or contain the course syllabus.
  2. Timeline. The timeline contains all of the published learning materials from the course along with the conversations by students and the teacher. Conversations can center around individual materials such as a video, a teacher page or a student presentation. It looks similar to the Facebook news feed, but it keeps the latest activity at the top of the stream and it is fully searchable.
  3. Coures Blog. The coures blog is a way to have students create well-thought out and visually appealing essays in blog format. Classmates can comment on the blog posts and discuss subject matter in depth. Some students use the course blog for class study notes and discussion in preparation for tests or in-class work.
  4. Assignments. 30hands assignments are interactive. The assignment created by the teacher can be a rich text description, an embedded video or even an embedded web site with interactive problems. Students hand in assignments right below the assignment by writing their own rich text entry or attaching homework files. After an assignment is handed in, the teacher can review it online, create a comment that is sent to the student and posted, and then enter a private grade for the student to see when he or she reviews the assignment and the teacher feedback. For iterative learning, a teacher can have the students hand in an assignment multiple times.
The MIDDLE of the navigator is where the modules reside. Modules are like folders and serve to organize the coures content in a logical fashion. Content can reside in multiple modules to make it easier for students to find the right material at the right time. Modules can be added, rearranged or removed at any time with an easy click or drag and drop.

The BOTTOM of the navigator is where the Coures Roster and Coures Groups are listed. 

The left side of the Course displays the WORK AREA. This is where Pages, Videos, Assignments and other content display and where students and teachers work on their content by entering text or rich text for pages and uploading presentations and videos.

Home / 30hands Getting Started Course & Help Site / Course Navigation

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