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Keep Your e-Classroom Like Your Real Classroom  

Once of the nice things about a real live classroom is that it is tangible in the real world. We know how it works, and we know how to organize the room to be most effective and productive for our students. 

So, why shouldn't the e-Classroom be the same? At 30hands, we think it should be the same.

The Internet has brought a great deal of world knowledge to our fingertips and there are tools everywhere that help teachers and inspire students. One problem, however, in this brave new world is that the knowledge and tools are everywhere. Unlike a real world classroom, the classroom of the Internet is ubiquitous and that can be a great distraction for students who are already overwhelmed by too much multitasking. 

The 30hands user experience is designed to be like the real world student experience. The e-Classroom is set up to be organized and self-contained just like a real classroom. 

How do we do it? Three ways:
  1. We keep it simple and easy to use.
  2. We keep the Course and Site navigation wherever the student goes within the e-Classroom.
  3. We make it really easy for teachers to modify and evolve their blended classes any time.
As you set up your 30hands Courses, be sure to keep this simplicity in mind and think of how to make your content easy for your students. Think about how to structure your course with modules, so your students can easily find what they are looking for. While you focus on the content, we'll focus on keeping it all together for you in a nice, neat, organized manner that is more conducive to learning, in a way that saves you time and makes it easy for your students to achieve success in learning.

Home / 30hands Getting Started Course & Help Site / Keep Your e-Classroom Like Your Real Classroom

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