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Using 30hands Storyteller as a Teacher  

As a teacher, there are many ways to use 30hands Storyteller to create and publish presentations, lectures or other learning materials for the classroom. It is particularly useful in a traditional "Flipped Classroom", where students view lecture videos at home and come to class ready to work on problem sets or projects.

Here is a list of some examples of 30hands Storyteller presentations:

1) PowerPoint slides saved as pictures/images where the slides present a lecture topic. The teacher narrates on top of each slide. Annotation may be used to better connect the slides to the audio.

2) Slide drawings that represent a mathematical proof or explanation. Each slide builds upon the previous slide, as the teacher narrates the explaination over the slides. 

3) Photo essays showcasing work by students, teachers, industry experts, artists, etc. with audio narration.

4) Photo essays showcasing a set of products or the evolution of a product with audio narration. For example, the evolution of the automobile over the years.

5) Creative "writing". A picture story using the actual narration of a short story or poem by a student, a teacher or a famous author.

6) Stop motion video made up of slides to explain a concept such as meiosis, physical motion or any other topic.

Home / 30hands Getting Started Course & Help Site / Using 30hands Storyteller as a Teacher

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