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Creating a Course in 5 Easy Steps  

It's very easy to create a Course in 30hands. Just click a "New Course" link or "Add a New Course" button from multiple places.

1a) Select "New Course" from the Create menu:

1b) Select "New Course" from the Manage Course pulldown (when you are in a course):

1c) Click the big "Add a New Course" button from the My_Courses list (by clicking on "Course" from the top menu) or from the Course list in the Dashboard:

2) Only 2 fields are required to create a course: Title and Brief Description. If you want, you can create a fancy home page using the Rich Text body field called "Course Home Page". 

3) Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the "Save Changes" button to create the Course. 

4) The next step is to create Modules. Modules are like folders to organize content. Don't worry about getting everything perfect right out of the gate, because Modules can be easily modified later using drag and drop. To create modules, click on the "Course Modules" link when viewing the course in the Dashboard, or from the "Modules" link on the Manage Course pulldown, as shown in the images below.

5) Once there are some modules, it is time to create some content. This can be done from the Manage Course pulldown (see image above) or when clicking to Edit Course (see images above). Pages are the general container for digital content. 

Read the following to better understand when to use a Page vs. a Presentation: 
Pages vs. Presentations

Read the following to learn how to put a 30hands Mobile presentation into a Course:
How to Get a 30hands Mobile Video into a 30hands Course

Home / 30hands Getting Started Course & Help Site / Creating a Course in 5 Easy Steps

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