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Enhanced Drawing Help for 30hands Storyteller Pro v2.0  

Enhanced Drawing Help

Enhanced Drawing is vector based, which means your drawing has the intelligence to be edited after it is saved. On the other hand, Basic Drawing creates a single image of whatever was drawn on the screen. We’re including some help to make it easier to understand the new behavior. 
Using Basic after Enhanced Drawing: You can edit an enhanced drawing in basic mode, but after you save it, the individual objects will no longer exist. Basic drawing turns them into a single image.
Using Enhanced Drawing after Basic: You can edit a basic drawing in enhanced mode. It will open as a single image object. You can resize it, move it around and add to it. 
Copying an Enhanced Drawing: When you copy an Enhanced Drawing, the intelligence copies with it, so you can edit both the original and the copy. 
Enhanced Drawing and Stop Motion Video: Enhanced Drawing makes Stop Motion videos easier to create, because you can move, rotate and resize individual objects — such as a ball or a figure — in order to simulate motion. Each drawing becomes a frame in the video. After you have created all your Enhanced Drawings, use the Stop Motion button on each slide to set the duration. Smaller durations result in faster motion. You can vary the durations to have things go faster and slower. We recommend you create your Stop Motion videos as separate presentations because they include a lot of slides. When done, publish the Stop Motion presentation to the camera roll, Google Drive or Dropbox and bring it into your main presentation. You can also edit the published Stop Motion video in iMovie in order to add music, narration, sound effects or to trim the video.

The Tools

The HAND Icon: Touch the orange HAND to turn on the selection tool. Use the HAND to drag and resize objects or to recolor them. 

Selecting/Deselecting: To select an object, just touch it, but if another object is already selected, you will need to touch that object first to deselect it. We did it this way so you don’t accidentally select and resize the wrong object on the screen. Once you get used to it, it’s easy.

Pinch to Zoom & Rotate: Use 2 fingers to zoom an object in/out or to rotate it. 

Corner & Rotate Handles:  Use the corner, side and rotate handles to zoom, stretch and rotate an object — even text! 

Brush Tool: The brush tool draws in the color and width you have selected. Each stroke is a separate object. You can resize drawing strokes, but if you draw or write with multiple strokes, you cannot drag or resize them together. (This will change in a future release when we add grouping.) 

Text Tool: You can use the return key to create a new line of your text, and you can treat the text like any other object by pinching and dragging handles. Even after those actions, the text is still editable.

Image Tool: Use the image tool to add images to your canvas from the camera roll, the camera, Google Drive or Dropbox. Images can be resized, stretched and layered like other objects. (We will add Safe Search in a future release.)

Square, Circle, Line & Arrow Tools: These tools add predefined shapes. Use the color and width tools to define how they look. Colors can be changed after creating the shapes by selecting the shape and touching the color on the color palette. 

Ordering & Copying Objects: Select an object and use the black and white box menu to select how you want to order the object. You can move objects behind or in front of others 1 layer at a time or all the way to the front or back. You can also copy a selected object on the canvas.

Backgrounds: Background images and colors are always fixed as the bottom layer. You cannot resize or drag backgrounds. Use an image if you want to have a resizable layer that  you can pinch to zoom and rotate.

Colors and Drawing Widths: Select colors and drawing widths before using the various drawing tools. Colors can be changed later, but widths cannot.

Trash Can: The trash can is the only way to delete objects at this time. Select an object and click the trash can to delete it. In a future release, we plan on adding an undo function and the ability to group delete. We will also explore the possibility of adding an eraser.

Undoing & Erasing (Future): In a future release, we plan on adding an undo function and the ability to group delete. We will also explore the possibility of adding an eraser. 

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