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2. Let’s Create a Digital Story! (pre 6/2014)  

Iterative Creativity

30hands mobile helps students and teachers develop iterative creativity. The reason we focus on iteration is that it takes learning to a higher level. We all know that a first draft is never the best result of creative efforts. That’s why teachers usually incorporate multiple draft submissions into longer writing assignments.
Iteration takes on multiple forms. It includes review and revision, editing and practice. In addition, peer review and discussion can be a valuable part of the iterative process.
When creating a digital story or presentation, there are many steps that lend themselves to iteration:
  1. Create a script, then review it and revise it.
  2. After selecting images, photos or drawings that tell the story, review them and change them where needed.
  3. Review the flow for clarity and rearrange the order of the story if needed.
  4. Listen to the audio narration of each slide to see if it is clear and concise. Tighten up the script to make the narrative flow better.
  5. Ensure the audio does not drag or sound boring, as well. You can improve this by speaking faster and incorporating intonation changes or character voices where appropriate.
  6. Review the whole story or presentation to make sure everything flows together and revise the order or length to make it more interesting.
The more you review, analyze and revise the story or presentation, the better it will be. As a rule of thumb, I generally consider the first take of my story a draft. Even before I record the audio, I tell myself it is too long. If it turns out to be 5 minutes long, my target is 3 ½ minutes. If it’s 3 ½ minutes long, my target is 2 ½ minutes. This forces me to review and revise the draft and to find ways to shorten it. You can almost always shorten it by speaking faster, tightening up the wording and cutting out redundancy or fluff. Focus on what really matters and what will hold the viewer’s interest.
30hands makes it easy to iterate, because we built easy editing into the app. Here’s how:
  • Add or delete slides whenever you want
  • Rearrange slides by dragging them around
  • Re-record the audio of a slide as many times as necessary
  • Replace a slide image while retaining an audio track that you like
  • Preview individual slides and the complete story
  • On the slide desktop, see the length of each slide and the total story length

Digital Story Exercise

So, now let’s get on with a digital story exercise. The next page includes random photos and images to use in creating a story. Here is your assignment:
  1. Select 5 photos from the random images and download them to your iPad or iPhone. We recommend putting the images into an album on your device.
  2. Create a new presentation in 30hands mobile, and add the 5 images.
  3. Look at the photos and think about how they could fit together into a story.
  4. Rearrange the slides on the desktop in the order of your story.
  5. Write a script for your story on paper, on a computer or on your device. Number the parts of the script to correspond to the images.
  6. Record your story, one slide at a time.
  7. Review the story. If the narration on a single slide is too long, think about how you can break it into multiple slides. This may include inserting additional images or annotating the existing images. Note: If you annotate an image and save it, a copy will be created in the camera roll, so you can use both the original and annotated images.
  8. Revise you story by modifying your script, inserting images, annotating images and rearranging slides.
  9. Record your changes.
  10. After reviewing your changes, see how you can make each slide and the overall story more concise, faster paced and more interesting. Try some vocal variations and character voices for fun.
  11. When finished, publish your story to your camera roll or, if you are proud of your accomplishment, publish it to 30hands to show the world!
  • Note: While publishing to 30hands, do not exit the app, or the publish process will be disrupted.
We hope you’ve had fun iteratively creating a story from random photos and images. This could be a project to do with your students. Let us know what you think of this project by emailing us at info@30hands.com or by commenting on your published video on the 30hands community site. We love feedback!

Home / 30hands Getting Started Course & Help Site / 2. Let’s Create a Digital Story! (pre 6/2014)

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